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I know that there has been controversy around the noise canceling with the Igi2 and the different options on settings with it. But I also know if someone has the settings adjusted differently things work differently. Hearing Test says after adjusting the settings for A call and B call, the sound quality has a big difference. I would say something around “D a call” to “B call” settings is appropriate!

Noise cancellation can happen via any device attached to your head. For FC, it might be two or three devices. This is the easiest solution and one I found online that may help some others with similar issues. I did have an issue with the sound skipping/stuttering for the iPhone but not the iPad. I wonder if the phone manufacturer may have done something differently on the Igi2.

For those having problems with the noise cancellation on their Igi2, you can deactivate it. You must first adjust the Noise Cancellation settings to B. Then mute the switch for Noise Cancellation. This should put the noise cancellation back on. It could be that my phone updated itself. After I did this, my problems went away. Try this before deleting anything!

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