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Adds.7z Hiren !!TOP!!

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Adds.7z Hiren !!TOP!!

I'm going to be honest. The main reason I was going to get Hiren's up until now was because it was the only tool I could afford to buy at the time. It's main tools are the hardware diagnostics disc, the partitioning disc, the OS detection disc, and the password reset disc. It's a lot to pick from, but I also still know that most of it was included on the newer versions of UBCD so I don't have to worry about it being duplicated. Plus the older disc contained some useful utilities as well that had been skipped with the new disc. For that reason I do still plan on buying the new disc when I get the chance. But, at this point, Hiren's doesn't hold the same sway over me as it did the first time it came out.

Hiren's Software is still worth the price but the disc has fallen a bit in my book since UBCD 4.7 released. Granted, Hiren's does what UBCD does and better, but Hiren's is still good. It's still the best way to make a Windows XP bootable CD if you have the time. Hiren's also has been keeping up with Windows updates and I haven't seen any issues at all with it, like I have seen with UBCD. But... Like I said, the main reason I got the new disc was because it offered a few more tools, which I didn't care for since I already have a Hiren's disc and UBCD that do the same thing.

Personally, I only use Hiren's for software installation and hardware diagnostics. I wouldn't call it a must have. I also have no idea who the manager of Hiren's is or who's at the helm of UBCD. But, I would never think of buying UBCD again. Between Hiren's and System Rescue CD, I'm good to go if I need something small and quick. And without any bias at all, Hiren's is still worth it's price. 3d9ccd7d82

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