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How To Rotate A Display On The Keyboard


How To Rotate A Display On The Keyboard

It can be really annoying to watch a video on the web where someone uploaded it with the wrong orientation and the entire video is rotated by 90 degrees. Or worse, they kept rotating the camera while shooting, so the video keeps shifting between right-side up and sideways. And for graphic design, there may be situations where you want your physical display permanently rotated to portrait mode and need the screen image to rotate along with it. Rotating your laptop to portrait orientation and the screen along with it, can also make it easier to read your favorite ebook.

Windows 10 has numerous native keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to rotate your display 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Pressing Ctrl + Alt with any arrow key (right/left/up/down) will rotate the entire screen in the direction of the arrow key. This can be very useful when you need to quickly rotate your screen back and forth while watching videos in various orientations.

I wrote a program named displayplacer that makes this easy to do via a terminal command. You could bind this to a keyboard shortcut with a program like BetterTouchTool or maybe Automator. Works with all macOS versions above 10.6.

You can rotate yourWindows 10 PC screen with keyboard shortcuts. To rotate your screen, hit the Ctrl+ Alt + right/left arrow keys at the same time. To flip your screen, hit theCtrl + Alt + up/down arrow keys at the same time.

I somehow rotated the Ubuntu 17.10 screen so it ended up upside down (I think I accidentally triggered a keyboard shortcut). I could not get it to rotate back by clicking the screen rotate button in the task menu, so I had to reboot.

I also have an HP. Open the screen as far as you can then tilt the laptop back and the screen will auto rotate back to the correct orientation. Then hit the super key(windows key)+ o and that will lock your screen auto-orientation.

That does not work. From what I have read online, those particular keyboard shortcuts only work with computers that run Intel graphics, and is a feature provided by Intel software (not from Microsoft).

Cool! Thanks! That does exactly what I want. I didn't think to check the Windows Store for any rotation apps. It allows using CTRL+ALT+R to rotate the screen and runs in the background. I will have to check on the next startup though to see if it will automatically start with Windows like HP Display Center.

Most laptops and monitors may already be able to switch between the two modes, but if you have one that doesn't, there is a simple trick to pivot the display. This can lead to an increase in productivity (especially when dealing with tall spreadsheets), a better view of a video call, or just a fresh perspective while you work. It's also popular among programmers and developers, who want to be able to look at more of their code at once.

For devices running Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11, users can hit Ctrl and Alt keys and any of the arrow keys to spin the display 90, 180 or even 170 degrees, with the screen going black briefly before it turns to the preferred mode. Ctrl+Alt and the up key can take them back.

In Windows 7, type Control Panel in the search bar, then Appearance and Personalisation, Display and Screen Resolution. Click on the screen you want to change (if you have multiple monitors) and change Orientation between Landscape and Portrait. To rotate screen, select Landscape (flipped) or Portrait (flipped).

Click on that to bring up the graphics card's control panel. This will have a host of options that change the characteristics of the display. Within a Display' or Desktop" menu icon, there should also be an option to change the rotation of the display by 90, 180, and 270 degrees (as well as zero to get you back to normal again).

With different graphics card manufacturers, things will be slightly different but the principle remains largely the same. Some investigation will unearth the option you need to rotate the laptop or P


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